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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog from the command line

GoogleCL allows you to post to your Blogger blog from the command line. To install:
  1. Install Python gdata libraries. This entails downloading, untarring, and sudo python
  2. Install GoogleCL. Same as above.
  3. Copy googlecl-0.9.5/build/scripts-2.6/google (version numbers subject to change) to /usr/local/bin or anywhere else in you PATH.
Now you can open a terminal and run a command like:

google blogger post --tags "online, shell" --title "Frist post using GoogleCL" "Can you believe I'm posting this from the command line?"

Or write your post in a text editor, saving it as ~/tmp/post.html, then:

google blogger post --tags "online, shell" --title "Blog from the command line" ~/tmp/post.html


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