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Friday, April 14, 2006

FreeDOS to the Rescue

I installed Ubuntu 5.10 again on my good old laptop, but I made a booboo. I told it to overwrite the MBR. It overwrote the Windows 2000 MBR. I used my Windows 98 boot disk to fdisk /mbr. Destroyed the partition table. I tried booting with W2K boot disk, but it could never read the 2nd disk for some reason. I used Partition Magic 8.0 Boot Disks to recreate the partition in hopes of repairing the table. Still broken. Worse still, the Windows 98 boot disk doesn't recognize my 2nd partition, a FAT32 with a Norton Ghost image on it of the C: drive.

Didn't sleep well last night. Today, I downloaded a boot disk that used FreeDOS. It could read the (broken?) partition table and loaded my D: partition with the Ghost image!


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