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Thursday, May 04, 2006

LyX for Math

I just discovered LyX and its math editor, and I'm in love. I was looking for a math editor to do my physics homework. A teacher recommended MathType. It costs $100. Heck no! So I searched for a GNU alternative, and wham, I saw a picture of AbiWord with a LaTeX popup editing a math formula! Beautiful.

Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with LaTeX or plugins/customizing AbiWord. I decided to just use LaTeX, which is when I discovered a frontend for it called LyX.

Wow, keyboard shortcuts for every symbol (e.g. \infty for infinity symbol)! Wow, subscripts (^) and superscripts (_)! Why math with pencil and paper sucks:
  • Writing tiny sub- and superscript numbers can get messy.
  • Big matrices are a huge waste of paper.
  • Make a mistake near the top, eat a fraction of an eraser.
  • No copy & paste means more tedium and more errors.
I think I'm going to like math again.


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