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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Free your mind

N. showed me his KDE. Looks sweet, kinda like OS X. I tunnelled X thru SSH to see it. That was slow. Bad.
  • Caps Lock into ESC: Good for vim and everything else. Used xmodmap.
  • Freemind: Hot stuff! I can finally create mind maps with ease. I hate doing them on paper. There just isn't enough room. Highly recommended notetaking program.
  • dict, dictd, dict-wn, dict-gcide: Command line dictionary. Screw gnome-dictionary and its slowness.
To do:
  • OSS: (Maybe) I removed it to get rid of the buzz, but now some old programs won't have sound. :(
  • Learn more about notetaking with vim.
  • Sleep better.


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